Ornella Cerniglia

Italian pianist and composer. After her academic studies at the Conservatory and University of Palermo she devote herself mainly to contemporary music, with particular attention to the American and Italian avant-garde.
In May 2009 she made at the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno the first performance of the arrangements of some songs of Syd Barret, signed by Marco Lenzi. In 2011 she recorded, with the mezzo-soprano Irene Ientile, the album Canti della terra e del mare di Sicilia, with the first recording of some works by Alberto Favara. In 2012 she collaborated with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Palermo for the music of the documentary Joseph Whitaker. In 2015 she participated in the installation Music for the Queen by Alessandro Librio, playing surrounded by a swarm of bees. In 2017 she released the EP L’Attesa for the label Almendra Music. Over the years Ornella Cerniglia made the first performances of the works by Marco Betta (Punti nel cielo e Scene da “1492”), Armando Gagliano (Of Any Flowers), Francesco Pennisi (Deragliamento) and Marco Spagnolo (Hommage). In 2020 she took part in the project Elettronica by the Festival delle Letterature Migranti, which commissioned her Notturni 1-2 for digital piano and synth premiered at the Cappella Palatina in Palermo in 2021, with Music for Piano (1989-97) by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh (first performance in Palermo). Ornella Cerniglia is also resident pianist of the Self-standing Ovation Boskàuz Ensemble led by Mezz Gacano, with whom she recorded the album Kinderheim.